Magical Cocks

I love craigslist. I have been having a lot of fun posting and seeing what kind of responses I get. They are usually all over the place, but one thing remains the same- getting responses from men. I don’t know why these men choose to message me. I post in the woman 4 woman section and I state very clearly in my ad that I am a lesbian. I even type in all caps: NO MEN. It doesn’t help. I still get some guy sending me a picture of his cock as if it’s going to make me suddenly become not a lesbian.

It used to annoy me. But I know a lot of lesbians have to deal with this type of thing, so it doesn’t bother me as much. I just wonder why? What is the point? There is a section devoted to women who are looking for men. Why message women who are looking for other women?

I posted an ad last night and this was the first email I received:

Guy: “Get back to me when u want sum dick”

Along with that invitation was also a picture of his cock. I told him that his picture made me even gayer. His response.

Guy: “It’s real tho”

Oh wow. I’m not a lesbian any more. Just like that. All it took was a picture of this guy’s cock and presto! I love penises. I wrote back: “I’m a lesbian, dude. I have no interest in dick. It does not turn me on. Find someone else.” Maybe, just maybe, me once again reiterating the fact that I have no interest in cock ¬†will make this guy give up. Nah, he has a magical cock and tongue, apparently, and he’s determined to use it on me. His response:

Guy: “My understanding is that even lesbians enjoy getting their pussy ate. Even from a man’s tongue”

Lord. I can’t even. Where do these guys hear this stuff? I’m going to blame porn for this one. I simply replied: “Then you misunderstand. Badly. Now, leave me alone.” His parting words:

Guy: “Suit yourself.”

It’s rare that I even entertain these guys any more.¬†Lately I’ve been on a fight fire with fire kick so when men send me unsolicited dick pics, I will get the most vile picture of a diseased vagina that I can find and send it to them. I also do this for guys posing as women trying to get to me to send them pictures. They stop responding quickly.